Chantry Flat and the Big Santa Anita Canyon mapping in the 1920′s

Posted on May 10, 2012 – Written by Chris Kasten

This map image is of a topographic map that dates back prior to the 1938 flood in which many cabins shown were washed out for good.  Note the clustering of cabins in and around Fern Lodge, located at the confluence of the East Fork and the Big Santa Anita’s main canyon.  The vertical and horizontal lines that cross each other in the center of the image are range and township lines.  The elevation of 2256 refers to the bold lined + which is the exact spot where the lines intersect.  In this instance, the trail traveling up the East Fork comes very close to this location.  Surveyors in the 1920′s placed a benchmark in critical locations such as these.  If one’s really either just plain lucky or is searching intensely, he or she may just find the actual benchmark.  The trail shown in the East Fork was the Monrovia Peak Trail, which was severely damaged after the 38′ flood.  Shortly after that time it was abandoned, falling into obscurity.  Some sections of the trail which were whittled out of the rocky cliffs on the south side of the East Fork still remain, yet remain hidden from view when bouldering along the stream.