Rain Caresses the Big Santa Anita Canyon

Posted on December 6, 2012 – Written by Chris Kasten

“Rather the flying bird, leaving no trace, than the going beast marking the earth.”

– Fernando Pessoa

Early winter grass in the late afternoon sunlight. East Fork of Big Santa Anita Canyon.
Concentric circles from rain drops. Fern Lodge, Big Santa Anita Canyon.

I am only hiking through these Santa Anita Canyon Trails.  Watery, green and dusky in slowly fading light.  My energy is concentric and light, gently touching all that is around.  Yours is also reaching all around that place known as here and now.  Bounce, yeah’ that’s it!  Your circle touches mine and then they vanish.  Maybe, just maybe…. it’s all circle energy bumping up against other circles… endlessly.  Let our circles gently merge this day, this day which will never quite be the same ever, again.
The circle of the sun sends it’s warmth and visible light to our roundish earth, turning and turning in the circles of days.  Our time in the canyons, that sacred time, albeit brief – comes back to us in circles of memories that connect us to this earth – our only home.  Today I’ll feel this place, this place within and this place without.  The two merge and are no longer two.  The illusion of the you and I, that and this, then and now blending to one whole.  The daylight grows shorter, just a bit, each day as we approach winter solstice.  May the light and darkness help me to find my way home.